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Photo of L. David Martin

L. David Martin

Assistant Professor of Medicine - Chemical Dependence

I am a general internist clinician-educator and have been in the Hopkins Bayview family since residency training. More than 10 years later, I have a wonderful family of my own and a wonderfully diverse practice: inpatient and outpatient, including general medicine, HIV and hepatitis C infection, and addiction; lots of medical student and housestaff teaching, including a mini-curriculum in evidence-based physical exam skills for medicine interns; and some research regarding integration of hand-carried ultrasound into the doctor’s black bag. I joined the Colleges Faculty as a core member in 2010.

I was born, raised and educated in North Carolina but later fell in love with Baltimore and Johns Hopkins. It also helped that I met my wife Anisa during internship. She practices outpatient psychiatry part-time at Sinai Hospital, and we have two young children, Noah and Noura. Two experiences that have been most life-changing for me (prior to having children…) include working with refugees in the former Yugoslavia (’95-’96) – it’s amazing to find that people who have nothing often have the most to offer – and being with my father during his last week as he died of colon cancer shortly after my wedding in 2003. I entered medicine to develop relationships and to learn skills to help people in need, but “being there” is often the most powerful gesture that we can make.