Nathans College Faculty Biographies

Photo of Dr. Levine

David M. Levine

Associate Director, Department of Medicine

Dr. David Levine, M.D. , M.P.H., ScD. , is currently the Samsung Professor of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing of the Johns Hopkins University. He is also the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Programs of the Department of Medicine, the principal investigator of the Pre and Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Behavioral Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease, and the Co-Director of Nathans College in the School of Medicine. Dr. Levine’s formal background is in Internal and Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and the Behavioral Sciences. His research has been directed at the prevention and control of hypertension and the concomitant decrease in morbidity and mortality. He was amongst the first investigators to demonstrate the effectiveness of planned educational-behavioral interventions to improve the control of hypertension and decrease associated morbidity and mortality significantly. For this work, he was awarded the national Research Award in the control of hypertension in Minority populations. Dr. Levine has also been honored to have a Professorial Chair named after him and the Department of Medicine’s Mentorship Award.

Dr. Levine was born and reared in Boston,Mass. His interest in Medicine and Public Health was inspired by the high prevalence of premature heart disease in his family and by his overseas experience in the Army. He is dedicated to the mentoring of others to enhance their personnal and professional development. He is also dedicated to family, baseball, track, and walking.

It is as important to know and understand the type of person that has an illness, as it is to know and understand the type of illness a given person has.