Sabin College Faculty Biographies

Photo of Dr. Frosch

Emily Frosch

Associate Professor, Child and Adolescent Medicine
Associate Director, Colleges Advisory Program

Dr. Frosch was born and raised in New York City, attended Amherst College, and returned to New York for medical school at Cornell and then residency in General Psychiatry at Columbia. She moved to Baltimore and to Hopkins for her Child Psychiatry Fellowship in 1991…and has been here ever since. Dr. Frosch is a 4th generation psychiatrist (the first child psychiatrist though)…and all of those physicians spent some, if not all, of their careers in academic medicine. Her own professional work has focused on education and teaching across various settings. As Residency Program Director in Child Psychiatry since 1995, Dr. Frosch has developed a strong and stable clinical training program. She has worked not only with child psychiatry trainees, but also with general psychiatry residents, pediatric neurology fellows, adolescent medicine fellows, and pediatric residents. For over a decade Dr. Frosch ran the Consultation Liaison service to Pediatrics and more recently has worked closely with Primary Care Pediatrics to develop a co-located model of mental health care and primary care. She has also taken the lead in developing a pediatric resident rotation in child mental health. Child Psychiatry remains a field facing serious workforce shortages and “translating” what specialists do into accessible language and techniques is a critical aspect of Dr. Frosch’s approach. This frame dovetails with her interest in education. She is most passionate about helping people move along their own developmental trajectory as they learn, understand, and find their own passion. Her work as a Core College Faculty and Associate Director of the Colleges Program is a source of both inspiration and challenge. Communication skills, team building, and professionalism are particular interests as they are understood, experienced, and incorporated into the daily life of students and the school at large. Balancing life as a mother, wife, physician, teacher, and individual are all part of the ongoing surprises inherent in her work.