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Student Perspectives Podcast

Second-year medical students Mark Bicket and Satish Misra, student leaders in the Colleges Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speak with host Dr. Bill Rutenberg about what the Colleges Program is like from a student perspective. The Colleges Program has been compared to life at Hogwarts in its intensity, not just from an educational level, but at a community and relationship level for students and faculty alike.

Description Podcast

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is incorporating an innovative community learning initiative into their medical degree program. Dr. Rob Shochet, assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, speaks with host Dr. Rutenberg and answers questions such as: What is this program, and what inspired its development? How are students and faculty responding to the program, which recognizes the increasing impact of so-called ‘informal education,’ that goes beyond the didactic coursework of a traditional medical education?